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Germicide tube lamp

Germicide tube lamp price and shipping soon...

The germicidal lamps in the UV-C range are fluorescent tubes without phosphor. Their glass is quartz or special soft glass. It is usually used to disinfect and sterilize surfaces or liquids. It is not able to develop resistance to its antiviral and bactericidal effects in carbon-based organisms, so it is thought to exert its effect on all life forms, which we consider to be living things with our current knowledge.


Protect against viruses and bacteria!
Air disinfectant do it yourself!

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An equipment failure can occur at any company. You can be short of a fixture or accessory or even a whole equipment to complete a labour task. In these cases you usually start calling the brand service, the fixture stores and different hardware stores to solve the problem. Sounds familiar?

If you choose us, your problem will be solved at once as our company offers a solution for any problem that might occure.


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